Store Agent is a mobile app which allows brands and companies to collect data on their products and services in a simple and prompt way through a globally installed mistery client network.
Designed thinking of CMOs, sales managers, store network managers, local or multinational businesses, among others, Store Agent is made of a mobile app and a management service built on cloud computing which revolutionizes the way brands collect data and understand costumers' point of view regarding their products.

The client is a company or a service which enrolls at looking for info on competition, consumer habits or to check whether their products are being sold properly. The agent is an individual with access to the mobile app, he gets notifications by the client and later uses this resource in his/her role as field agent, being paid for his/her contribute.

Using the technology available on the iPhone and Android devices, the results are made available in less than 24 hours. Using a set of globally spread and georreferenced set of agents, this app returns anytime and anywhere data which would normally take weeks to gather.

The process is based on a specific analysis design built on Store Agent's website by the client's marketing department, enabling the immediate broadcast of the mission to all the clients closest to its location. The agents complete the mission and after the qualitative filtering of the content they sent, they get paid for their work. This turns Store Agent into the first app for smartphones to be a source of profit for the users as well as a powerful tool for companies.