StoreAgent is a Crowdsourcing Platform that gives brands the info they need, using our agent network. The agents complete tasks, surveys and analysis to meet the information requirements of brands, in a cheap, quick and reliable way.
Anyone who has a smartphone can be an Agent. Once you download the app, StoreAgent gives you all the info you need to start completing missions and earn money.
StoreAgent's clients are professionals who're looking for custom-tailored market research or the completion of small tasks. Big or small, any company can use StoreAgent.
How can I trust the collected data?
We use technology to solve the reliability problems related to traditional market research methods.
Agent History and Ranking
We control and give ranks to agents to ensure the quality of the analysis.
We provide GPS-Tracking of the agents to ensure that the missions are done in the right place..
Time Stamp
We use the smartphone's TimeStamp techonlogy to make sure we know the exact time and date when the missions are completed.
Photo Verification / QR Code and Barcode
We can use photos, QR Code reading at the point of sale or Barcode reading of a product to ensure your analysis is reliable.
What kind of data can I collect?
With StoreAgent you can collect virtually any type of data, which can be divided into 3 groups:
Qualitative Analysis:
From opinions to in-depth analysis with various kinds of questions.
Quantitative Analysis:
Specific Data collected based on the observation of agents, or QRCode and Barcode reading at the point of sale or at the home-location.
Photos, QRCode, BarCode & Videos*:
Kinds of photos that can be requested: In-store photos, Showcase photos, Stock Analysis, Ad Campaign, etc. With Barcode reading, you can validate the product purchase for the performance analysis of a campaign. This can be done at home or at work.

* Video feature will be available soon