What is StoreAgent?

StoreAgent is a platform that connects business who’re looking for answers for their analysis and market research to Agents who are always available to comply with their requests.
Fast and Real-Time Results
Immediate partial results and final results within less than 24 hours in most cases.
Various kinds of analysis
Retail: Mistery-Clients; Price-Validation; Display Analysis, Audits, In-Store Photos, Stock Checks, Promo Analysis, New-Product Analysis.
Research: Surveys, At-Home Analysis, Store Experience Analysis, Product Testing and Polls.
Events: Promo Events Analysis; Quick phenomenon and Intelligence.
Timestamp, Photo and GPS Validation
Results are validated by date and time of the event, photos and GPS coordinates related to the analysis.
Around 70% cheaper than traditional analysis.
High Success Rate
Immediate completion of the missions due to the time limit for conclusion.?Simple and Fast access to a large number of agents.
Quality Control of Agents
The app guarantees the training and analyses the quality of the agents through a screening process.
A mission can be completed in a network of stores, targeted by their features.
Total Control
Easy management with the possibility of uploading all the locations, questions and demographic profiles, and keep them for future missions.
Global coverage
Missions can be made available in various countries in different languages.
Agent Profile
Experience points, number of missions, demographic profile, education, consumer-habits and background.
Cloud-based system that stores the data with high-security protocols.