Welcome to StoreAgent!
The app that makes all of your market research simpler, quicker,
cheaper and reliable, paying agents to complete small
missions around their location.
Get to know the market in real time
With StoreAgent results of the market analysis are
available in real time and for a small cost
(in comparison with conventional analysis).
Win money with your Smartphone, by small missions.
You too can become a StoreAgent and
earn from 2 to 12,5 for completing simple
market analysis missions.
Know your client beyond your sale selling point!
With StoreAgent you may drive your analysis
and product testing inside your costumers'
home or work environment.
Presentation StoreAgent
StoreAgent is a mobile app that let's companies and brands collect data about their products and services in a simple and quick way, through a network of agents.

Aimed at marketing directors, commercial directors, managers of local businesses or multinationals, among others, StoreAgent revolutionises the way that brands collect market research data.
11 of September of 2012
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